our lunch special for you.

We’d like to offer a special K-cup lunch special for all Fair Oaks mall employees.

let us make lunch for you, for $9.95.

We know sitting down for K-BBQ during your work day can be too much of a time commitment, so we’ve created Korean Cupbap lunch specials for you. 

A filling delicious cup bap, with a soda, for $9.95.

a balanced meal.

Aside from our signature Korean BBQ meat choice, a mix of flavorful components make for a filling but balanced meal.


Our signature bulgogi, which is prime ribeye cuts marinated in our decadent soy based marinade, perfect for meat lovers.

chicken teriyaki

For chicken lovers, our teriyaki treatment is not too sweet or or too salty, just right.

pork lovers rejoice

Our pork options are available in spicy pork, or Donkatsu later. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

just give us a call.

Give us a call, let us know what you’d like and when you need it, and we’ll make it ready.