Fair Oaks Mall
Breakers bbq

Our newest location, conveniently located in the Fair Oaks Mall.

all you can eat at $29.95 is back!

We’ve been listening, and while you love the food, you’ve asked for better pricing. So let’s do it, $29.95, any time of day, lunch or dinner at Breakers.

NOT just an all-you-can-eat restaurant, but specializing in real korean flavor.

If you’ve been to a Breakers, you will know that we don’t over-marinate our meats to hide their quality.

People have come to appreciate the effort and attention we put into not only our meats, but our soups and our sides to bring you a wholly authentic Korean dining experience without masking true quality or overcharging you.


say hi to our new lunch answer.

An unbeatable taste, and selection of food for lunch during the week. 

it's always soup season.


Rich, deep, authentic broths.

Hearty ingredients, no skimping on meat.

Different spice levels available.

Our Fair Oaks Mall location has recently opened. 

Over 10,000 sq.ft of dining space means we are ready to accommodate all your needs.

See what makes our Fair Oaks location special.


we are keeping the meats prime.

With rising food costs, many restaurants have resorted to getting rid of the best meats in their all you can eat options. Well, we are going to keep going with it, and with our flagship option, eat as much as you like.

high quality meats.

No cutting corners here, just the best we can put out.

Main Dining Hall.

With grills that pull smoke down instead of blowing it up in the air, you will be as fresh when walking out as you were when walking in.

private dining.

If you prefer a more intimate environment, we have rooms that seat from 6-10 people, as well as a large event hall. 

expansive bar.

Double-sided bar, with plenty of TVs, come enjoy the only place in Fairfax that serves drinks and food late into the night.

you asked for better lunch options, here they are.

All you can eat

a la carte

make a

We partner with OpenTable to ensure the fastest and most secure way to reserve a table.


Our Fair Oaks location is on the Route 50 side of the mall, visible from the road. 

Our operating hours are

M-F: 11AM – 10PM

Sa-Su: 11AM – 11PM