Breakers bbq

Our Fairfax location has been quietly been the home for the most authentic Korean food as well as All you can eat for the past three years.

Important announcement.

We will be moving our Fairfax City location to Manassas Virginia, and our Fair Oaks Mall location will now have the staff you have come to know and love ready to meet you.

Please visit the below link to reserve your table at the Fair Oaks Mall.

Prime LA Galbi

Our signature marinade with prime cuts of LA Galbi. Unbeatable if you ask us.

flavored soju

Our flavored Soju pitchers go brilliantly with Korean BBQ. With flavors from Peach, Yogurt, to Orange, we’ve got a tart for every tastebud. 

or chilean seabass.

Our seabass is prepared with hints of Korean flavoring, while preserving the tenderness of seabass. 

Replete with roasted garlic, shrimp, and artisan vegetables, you won’t have had a seabass like this before.

Main Dining Hall.

With grills that pull smoke down instead of blowing it up in the air, you will be as fresh when walking out as you were when walking in.

private dining.

If you prefer a more intimate environment, we have rooms that seat from 6-10 people, as well as a large event hall that can seat as many as you can bring.

Creative Bar seating.

Challenge our bartenders, they can handle it and then some.

full catering.

Whether all you can eat or full catering, we can feed up to 400 in stride. 

authentic korean taste seekers, come on in.

Our head executive chef is leading the Fairfax location to bring you the most authentic Korean food flavors.

A peak into the menu.

All you can eat

  • all you can eat A 24.95

    Pork Belly, Garlic Pork Belly, Spicy Pork, Chicken Bulgogi, and Spicy Chicken Bulgogi

  • all you can eat B 34.95

    The Above PLUS Beef Brisket and Prime Beef Bulgogi

  • all you can eat C 44.95

    All the above PLUS LA Galbi

a la carte highlights

  • 갈비 냉면 set 29.95

    Prime gable with your choice of Naengmyun

  • lunch bento 15.95

    Your choice of protein with other delicious mini bites presented beautifully.

make a

We are happy to announce we are on the OpenTable network to make quick and easy online reservations.

Our event team can feed as many as you can bring.


Our Fairfax location is at the intersection of Little River Turnpike and Pickett Road.

Our operating hours are

Su-Th: 11AM – 10PM

Fr-Sa: 11AM – 11PM