Duluth Breakers bbq

Important Announcement.

Thank you.

We want to thank you for all the years of support for our Duluth location.

We are sad to announce that this location is now closed, as we will be undergoing a major renovation project.

Our Dunwoody location is still open and ready to bring you the best in Korean BBQ that we can.


With rising food costs, many restaurants have resorted to getting rid of the best meats in their all you can eat options. Well, we are going to keep going with it, and with our flagship option, eat as much as you like.

Prime LA Galbi

Our signature marinade with prime cuts of LA Galbi. Unbeatable if you ask us.

Main Dining Hall.

With grills that pull smoke down instead of blowing it up in the air, you will be as fresh when walking out as you were when walking in.

expansive bar.

Enjoy artisan cocktails and Korean drinks at our spacious bar.

Dine-in or brought to you, you choose.

While our dining experience showcases the best of what we can offer, we have convenient delivery methods to bring the joy of Korean BBQ to you.

A peak into the menu.

All you can eat

  • all you can eat A 24.95

    Pork Belly, Garlic Pork Belly, Spicy Pork, Chicken Bulgogi, and Spicy Chicken Bulgogi

  • all you can eat B 34.95

    The Above PLUS Beef Brisket and Prime Beef Bulgogi

  • all you can eat C 44.95

    All the above PLUS LA Galbi

a la carte highlights

  • LA Galbi 36.95

    Prime Galbi prepared in our signature marinade.

  • Breakers Steak 32.95

    Our signature take on Korean steak, a can't miss.

Join us

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3505 Gwinnett Place Dr. Suite 101

Duluth, GA 30096

Our operating hours are

M-Th: 4PM – 12AM

Fr-Sa: 12PM – 12AM

Su: 12PM – 10PM