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Breakers BBQ - Fairfax, VA

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9650 Main St. Fairfax, VA 22031

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(703) 343-6688
  • 5 star ratingThis place is soooo big! It is where the old country buffet used to be. The shopping center is always busy but doesn't seem hard to find parking since it is so big.

    The prices are on par with most korean bbq places. Maybe a few bucks more but we...
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    Mark S. Avatar
    Mark S.

    5 star ratingThis is by far the best experience I have had at a Korean BBQ restaurant. If you get the chance I highly recommend asking for Ryan to be your server. He gave off such a positive attitude and positive vibes. Super professional but very friendly and you cannot ask for... read more

    Victor G. Avatar
    Victor G.
  • 4 star ratingAmple and roomy seating. Also has space for big parties. The food selection was good. We did the all you can eat which turned out to be a good deal. Whole family enjoyed it. Even the little ones. Meat quality is not bad and the sides were pretty good.

    Cathi L. Avatar
    Cathi L.

    4 star ratingThis restaurant was pretty good, we came here with a group on a Sunday evening. We got the bulgogi, spicy pork, spicy squid, brisket, and another type of pork (forgot the name of it, but it was thin cut).

    The restaurant was pretty empty at first, so the waiter was...
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    Sarah G. Avatar
    Sarah G.
  • 5 star ratingOMG, this place was amazing. I left there about to go into a meat coma. Honestly there was nothing I disliked  about this place. The place was clean, the staff was outstanding and the food was fantastic. If you like Korean BBQ and you have not been here yet, do... read more

    Paul C. Avatar
    Paul C.

    4 star ratingThe wait was extremely long, and after using the checkin system from yelp, my party and I got to the store only to be told they no longer use that checkin system... We had to get on the waiting list and had to wait another hour and a half. The... read more

    William D. Avatar
    William D.
  • 5 star ratingBreakers is one of the best Korean BBQ places I've ever been. I recommend their beef brisket, it's the best thing on their menu in my opinion, everything's is delicious but you have to definitely try the brisket! It's a clean, great environment and great hospitality!!

    Nicole C. Avatar
    Nicole C.

    4 star ratingI love trying new Korean bbq restaurants. I've recently heard about this place, so I decided to check it out. At first, I found it pretty interesting. It tries to appear very formal once you go in (no problem) just something I want to share, in case someone feels under... read more

    Ismael P. Avatar
    Ismael P.
  • 5 star ratingExcellent service, excellent food. Food portions are large so be hungry when you go. There was no wait when we went which was so convenient..

    Angel C. Avatar
    Angel C.

    4 star ratingI'm so glad we dropped by.

    Came around opening time and there was no wait. The host was friendly and welcoming. Our server Minwoo was the best! He was attentive, kind, knowledgeable, and so patient. Hubs enjoyed his drink. Their banchan (complimentary side dishes) were all delicious. We had to ask...
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    Kimberly J. Avatar
    Kimberly J.
  • 5 star ratingThis has slowly become my go to Korean BBQ spot! Everything has always been on point and consistent. It's always busy and you rarely have to wait for a table which is just awesome. Interior is large and very clean. The service is some of the best I've ever received!... read more

    Louis V. Avatar
    Louis V.

    4 star ratingNice owner, very large portion sizes, good side dishes, tasty and fresh meat. Be aware, this place is not full service so you will have to cook the meat yourself (which is different from some other Korean restaurants in the area).

    Healan D. Avatar
    Healan D.
  • 5 star ratingI give 5 start because server SAEROM, she was our serves that night and she was awesome, she was very attentive and quick. I was super happy and definitely will ask her again for next time. THANK YOU AGAIN SAEROM!

    Lyly N. Avatar
    Lyly N.

    4 star ratingWe came for lunch on Saturday and there were only a few tables that were seated.  I loved how all the tables were booths and the place just looked very clean and modern.  

    Ricardo was our server and he was awesome!  He was very attentive and quick when we ordered...
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    Christine H. Avatar
    Christine H.
  • 4 star ratingNot too bad. Price is a little bit more than your average kbbq but you get great service and decent food. Some meats are bad(like the tongue ) and some are great(like the pork belly)

    Ton of parking in fair city and easy to locate as the sign is ginormous.  Tons...
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    Daniel A. Avatar
    Daniel A.

    4 star ratingI brought a group of 6 to Breakers, most of whom were unfamiliar with Korean BBQ. There is plenty of seating and I really really appreciated the fact that they weren't blasting deafening kpop. One person in my group is a pescatarian and our server was very accommodating to it... read more

    Jane H. Avatar
    Jane H.
  • 4 star ratingWe came here for dinner on a Wednesday night. The food here was authentic, and I especially enjoyed the Bulgogi and their Japchae ( korean glass noodle) !

    Service here was quite good, the waitress that was serving drinks for us was really attentive and polite. She was patient and came...
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    Crystal H. Avatar
    Crystal H.

    5 star ratingThis was my first time experience breakers and i must say i had an amazing experience, Ricardo was my waiter and he gave me the best service and was so pleasant to have as a server. I will definitely reccomend you request him as your server!! Has the greatest hospitality... read more

    Angel R. Avatar
    Angel R.
  • 5 star ratingWe come here very often, I've never had Ricardo as a server but he is amazingggg, request him if you get the chance! He's the most respectful, funny, and attentive sever I've ever had. He was professional, yet inviting. I've never had so much hospitality and an overall great experience... read more

    Maham N. Avatar
    Maham N.

    4 star ratingWe come here more often than most Korean BBQ places - which is not saying much since we get BBQ maybe 3-4X per year. Why this place? First off, this place invested in better ventilation than other Korean BBQ places so we come out with a less pungent meat smell... read more

    Diana K. Avatar
    Diana K.