About Breakers Korean BBQ

“Our Mission”

Breakers is ‘breaking’ the mold of traditional Korean BBQ by utilizing the highest quality meats, ingredients, technology and hospitality in a luxurious atmosphere. Our mission is to provide our patrons with an experience in Korean culture through a fine-dining setting without sacrificing taste, quality.

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At Breakers, we are committed to sharing the best of Korean culture and food through our signature barbecue flavor profiles. We strive to provide our guests with a first-class dining experience and offer an extensive grill-your-own menu, including an assortment of side dishes. Our food is cooked to perfection using only the freshest ingredients, sourced from the best producers with assured provenance. We incorporated traditional Korean culture as the centerpiece of our restaurant design to create an authentic ambiance that merges class with culture.
Our professional staff can cater to the needs of all our guests from explaining the significance of every dish to grilling the meats, or simply.

“Fine Dining and Korean BBQ”

“Fine-dining” is a set of descriptor words that has never been used to describe the atmosphere of Korean BBQ. Breakers has set the standard for the fusion of fine-dining and traditional Koran BBQ. We offer a softer environment free of the loud hustle and bustle typical to most Korean BBQ spots